Look Models International inc.

Innovation is Wolfgang Schwarz, CEO of Look Models International Inc. philosophy and vision.
During the last 25 years, Wolfgang Schwarz, opened the markets in Eastern Europe and provided the largest amount of talent to the fashion world. His next steps took him to Asia where he opened franchise agencies in Hong Kong, Manila and Djakarta. A few years ago 
it was time to move a step further and cover new grounds; Wolfgang Schwarz was turning his vision towards the Middle East and North Africa. Holding a splendid final of the “Look models search” competition in Gammarth, Tunesia in 2009, he was the first agent to develop Top models from this area, like Hanaa Ben Abdesslem or Lamia Aloui. 
Evidence of the public interest in many countries to find their own outstanding beauties is obvious in the success of shows like “project runaway” & the various incarnations of “next top model” , and by organizing events in these economically prosperous regions , developing countries hope to tap into this air of sophistication. It shows that large networks are not successful on secondary markets, even though there is a strong concentration on the four hot spots of the modeling and fashion industry, New York, London, Paris and Milan. There is a global need for diversification and Look models international takes that into account. In a common effort with some of our partners we will resurrect our line of perfume and other merchandising articles, and it just got confirmed that the first book of our CEO, Wolfgang Schwarz, “Sold beauty” will be translated into English. Together with the launch of the new website/ portal and the strongly IT oriented promotion of our new faces and rising stars Look models international inc. is looking into a bright future