Guide Line

Professional Model:

GIRLS: You are between 15 and 26 years of age and at least 1,72m of height and want to become a fashion and beauty model? Send us your photo with name, address, telephone number, age, height and measurements. We need to see your body features, therefor please take some snaps from front, behind and both sides in either Bikini or lingerie. Make sure you add portraits with a big smile and some where we can see your hands and feet. Please do not put any make up on or use photoshop.

GUYS: If you are between 18 and 28 years old, your height is minimun 180 cm and not more than 190 cm. Thinking you have a strong personality and a well-trained body, please send your application and some snaps. We just need variable portraits and your body in a swim suit. Bright smile and pictures from hands and feet are requested as well.

Commercial Division:

For our commercial division we need experienced models, until the age of 70 years, good personality and existing book would help

To be a model is a difficult job which has to be taken seriously. It is learning by doing, but , for sure, you have to be focused and determined in order to reach the highest level.


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